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  • Products

    Micro-texture Code is a global patented technology developed by Linkwin.

    It has features of randomness, uniqueness and irreproducibility.

    Linkwin's cloud service is a technology stack based on hybrid cloud multi-cloud management, providing strategic cloud solutions and robust security.

    As an IoT supporting technology, RFID technology  is considered to be one of the promising information technologies. Linkwin's RFID solution is for intelligent location and asset management system.

    A SaaS platform meets national regulatory requirements with 300+ registered companies.

    Agri-marketing tool is a precise management and marketing incentive tool for agricultural dealers, retailers and end-consumers. 

    Cloud Mini-page is a specialized and integrated digital marketing product.

  • Solutions

    WinIoT solution is a customized Industrial IoT solution designed for Digital Smart Factory.

    WinVision solution is an integrated industrial vision detection using AI algorithms and patented image recognition technology.

    A full-chain traceability and marketing system built from the production side to the consumer side.

    Linkwin’s Lightweight + customized WMS solution to solve the core difficulties of warehouse management.

    Credible source + credible identity + credible data = credible traceability.

    Linkwin uses "code + data" as the link to achieve omni-channel digital marketing, to help brands accurately link to consumers, build the private domain traffic, continuously promote sales conversion and expand brand influence.

    Linkwin designs customized anti-counterfeiting solution for enterprise, using multiple advanced anti-counterfeit label technologies.

  • Success Cases

    Bayer is a German multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Bayer's areas of business include pharmaceuticals; consumer healthcare products, agricultural chemicals, seeds and biotechnology products. Bayer CropScience Limited is the Indian subsidiary of Bayer AG, and has products in crop protection, nonagricultural pest control, and seeds and plant biotechnology.

    Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, commonly known as Henkel, is a German multinational chemical and consumer goods company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is active in both the consumer and industrial sectors. Founded in 1876, Henkel is organized into three globally operating business units (Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care, Adhesive Technologies) and is known for brands such as Loctite, Persil, Pritt, amongst others.

    Syngenta AG is a provider of agricultural science and technology, in particular seeds and pesticides, and was acquired by China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) in 2017. In 2020, the Syngenta Group was formed, bringing together SyngentaAdama, and the agricultural business of SINOCHEM under a single entity.

    Shanghai Jahwa is one of the large beauty and daily chemical companies with a long history in China. After a century of development, the company has grown into a large beauty and cosmetics group with annual sales of more than 7.6 billion RMB, covering beauty, personal care, home care, mother and baby and other fields.

    GUJING Gongjiu is a famous traditional wine. It is produced in Bozhou City, Anhui Province, and is known as one of the eight most famous liquors in China.

  • About Us
Customized Anti-counterfeiting Solutions


Linkwin has focused on the anti-counterfeiting industry for more than 20 years, providing one-stop 

professional anti-counterfeiting solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of brands, from 

anti-counterfeiting label design to subsequent full-chain digital traceability marketing solutions, 

safeguarding brand value through digital identity information management.

-Technical experts provide customized anti-counterfeiting product design to meet the diversified 

needs of brands-Practical application of multiple anti-counterfeiting materials by hundreds of 

well-known enterprises, passing strict quality tests.

-Organic combination of information technology and logo physical anti-counterfeiting technology 

makes it easier for consumers to identify counterfeit goods.

-Multiple inquiry methods to meet the requirements of enterprises and facilitate consumers' inquiries.

-Through one thing, one code to open up the information channel of the whole life cycle of products 

and help enterprises to establish the digital channel of the whole chain.

Micro-texture Code Label

Technical features微纹防伪标签.png

The diffused micro-texture features are photographed and stored in a cloud-based database as anti-counterfeit profile photos. The cloud service will perform a series of processing on the picture, such as automatic machine learning of features. Intelligent image recognition is performed on the photos taken and uploaded by consumers to give the conclusion of authenticity identification.

Naturally formed, it cannot be recovered again and is completely irreproducible.

Image files need not be kept confidential and are not afraid of loss. Even if hacked, the anti-counterfeiting effect is not affected.

Anti-counterfeiting features

Extremely high anti-counterfeiting level.

Non-human generated, irrecoverable, and completely impossible to counterfeit.

Identification method

No need to download APP, general QR scanning tools can be recognized, such as WeChat, Weibo, whatsapp, etc.

Dedicated APP can also recognize.

Application Scenarios

Extremely strong anti-counterfeiting performance. Can be suitable for high value-added products in a variety of industries.

QR Code Label

二维码标签EN.pngTechnical features 

The large storage capacity of QR code information allows the production of a huge number of unique QR codes, commonly known as one-thing-one-code, using this principle to achieve anti-counterfeiting effects.

The computer generates a random and unique code, prints it on the surface of the product, and stores the code information in the cloud database. The consumer identifies the product QR code to compare with the cloud computer for consistency, thus achieving anti-counterfeiting purposes.

Anti-counterfeiting features

Basic anti-counterfeiting.

As a basic anti-counterfeiting, QR code is a good entrance to check the anti-counterfeiting.

Identification method

General QR scanning tools can be recognized, such as WeChat, Alipay, etc.

Application Scenarios

Anti-counterfeit traceability, commodity anti-counterfeiting, membership points, food traceability, code scanning shopping, anti-tampering, brand promotion, offline diversion online, brand promotion, and attracting fan interaction.

Security Line Code Label

Technical features 安全线防伪标签.png

In the papermaking process, a special metallic line or a polyester-like plastic line of different colors, a microprinted line, or a laser holographic line is buried to provide anti-counterfeiting effects through a more complex material process.

A complete or interrupted (open window) line can be seen in the paper buried in the paper base, and the security line can be extracted from the paper by picking with a needle or tearing the paper by hand.

Anti-counterfeiting features

High anti-counterfeiting level.

The open-window security line is intermittently exposed to the paper surface, and when copied with a copier, the exposed metal line is copied as an intermittent black line, so it cannot be copied.

Identification method

No need to use special instruments, the naked eye can identify, and also by finger touch.

Application Scenarios

First-line anti-counterfeiting technology, widely used in: coins, certificates of conformity, collector's certificates, car certificates, product anti-counterfeiting.

Double-layer Code Label

Technical features 

A substrate mostly plastic film reveal type self-adhesive anti-counterfeit material. Including the uncovering of the hollow to leave the text and pattern; can prevent unauthorized uncovering, moving, re-posting, with a reveal that is lost, a loss that is present characteristics.

Uncovered label text or pattern is separated and intact on the surface of the item, can no longer recover.

Anti-counterfeiting features

Can play a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

The sole use of the function of leaving the bottom, suitable for sealing, anti-opening, if combined with anti-counterfeiting technology, can play to achieve the repeated use of anti-counterfeit labels.

Identification method

Can be identified with the naked eye.

Application Scenarios

Strong anti-counterfeiting performance. Can be suitable for multi-product use.

Magnetic Photochromic 3D Ink Code Label

Technical features 

Optical anti-counterfeiting technology that realizes color change by controlling the position of magnetic pigments through the magnetic field in the ink layer is perspective color change anti-counterfeiting.光变油墨.png

When the viewing angle is changed, the image can show 3 characteristics, such as color change, flow effect and light and dark change.

Anti-counterfeiting features

It can provide a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

The bright color contrast, strong light reflection and various custom designs bring a distinct sense of depth. More security against counterfeiting due to increased difficulty.

Identification method

No need to use any instrumentation, visual recognition with the naked eye.

Application Scenarios

The technology is often used on banknotes, bank checks, passports and other high-risk products.

Dynamic Color Code Label

动态彩码EN.pngTechnical features

Through information-based coding/decoding, a unique anti-counterfeiting code, 2D code, and specific color are generated for each product. The color anti-counterfeiting code and 2D code are also printed on the label paper with special software, while their color code information is stored in the anti-counterfeiting database.

The computer generates random and unique color digital or 2D codes and saves these features in the cloud database, so that consumers can check whether the features are correct by remotely checking the color codes on the products.

Anti-counterfeiting features

It can play a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

Multiple anti-counterfeiting, reliable performance.

Effective control of copying anti-counterfeiting code.

Identification method

Easy and intuitive recognition, general QR scanning tools can be recognized, such as WeChat, Alipay, etc.; phone, web pages can also be recognized.

Application Scenarios

The color code is very applicable to all kinds of products in various industries, such as digital, medicine, cosmetic ware, health care products, food, car accessories, etc.

Laser Holographic Code Label

Technical features


Anti-counterfeit labels completed by using laser color hologram plate-making technology and molded replication technology, plate-making techniques include: 3D optical micro-text, laser reproduction, 3D three-dimensional relief, point light source imaging, dynamic sand silver, etc.

According to the no longer plate making technology, use the corresponding identification tools and methods.

Has a very high durability. Laser marking can hit a variety of text, symbols and patterns, etc., character size can be from millimeter to micron scale, difficult to copy.

Anti-counterfeiting features

Can play a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

Aesthetic, better enhance the product packaging.

Identification method

It can be observed by the naked eye or other identification devices, and the internal engraving features can also be observed by microscopic devices to identify the authenticity.

Application Scenarios

Laser anti-counterfeit labels are suitable for various industries, such as in medicine, cosmetics, wine, food, document processing, etc. It can also be used in combination with stickers by holographic stamping.

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