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    Encoding System, Industrial Vision, Digital Kanban, Production OEE

    Product Anti-counterfeiting, Tracking & Tracing, Channel Management, WMS

    Intelligent Operation, Channel Empowerment, Commodity Code Marketing, Membership Management, E-Mall

    Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Service, Big Data Analysis, AI

  • Products

    Micro-texture Code is a global patented technology developed by Linkwin.

    It has features of randomness, uniqueness and irreproducibility.

    Linkwin's cloud service is a technology stack based on hybrid cloud multi-cloud management, providing strategic cloud solutions and robust security.

    As an IoT supporting technology, RFID technology  is considered to be one of the promising information technologies. Linkwin's RFID solution is for intelligent location and asset management system.

    A SaaS platform meets national regulatory requirements with 300+ registered companies.

    Agri-marketing tool is a precise management and marketing incentive tool for agricultural dealers, retailers and end-consumers. 

    Cloud Mini-page is a specialized and integrated digital marketing product.

  • Solutions

    WinIoT solution is a customized Industrial IoT solution designed for Digital Smart Factory.

    WinVision solution is an integrated industrial vision detection using AI algorithms and patented image recognition technology.

    A full-chain traceability and marketing system built from the production side to the consumer side.

    Linkwin’s Lightweight + customized WMS solution to solve the core difficulties of warehouse management.

    Credible source + credible identity + credible data = credible traceability.

    Linkwin uses "code + data" as the link to achieve omni-channel digital marketing, to help brands accurately link to consumers, build the private domain traffic, continuously promote sales conversion and expand brand influence.

    Linkwin designs customized anti-counterfeiting solution for enterprise, using multiple advanced anti-counterfeit label technologies.

  • Success Cases

    Bayer is a German multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Bayer's areas of business include pharmaceuticals; consumer healthcare products, agricultural chemicals, seeds and biotechnology products. Bayer CropScience Limited is the Indian subsidiary of Bayer AG, and has products in crop protection, nonagricultural pest control, and seeds and plant biotechnology.

    Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, commonly known as Henkel, is a German multinational chemical and consumer goods company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is active in both the consumer and industrial sectors. Founded in 1876, Henkel is organized into three globally operating business units (Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care, Adhesive Technologies) and is known for brands such as Loctite, Persil, Pritt, amongst others.

    Syngenta AG is a provider of agricultural science and technology, in particular seeds and pesticides, and was acquired by China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) in 2017. In 2020, the Syngenta Group was formed, bringing together SyngentaAdama, and the agricultural business of SINOCHEM under a single entity.

    Shanghai Jahwa is one of the large beauty and daily chemical companies with a long history in China. After a century of development, the company has grown into a large beauty and cosmetics group with annual sales of more than 7.6 billion RMB, covering beauty, personal care, home care, mother and baby and other fields.

    GUJING Gongjiu is a famous traditional wine. It is produced in Bozhou City, Anhui Province, and is known as one of the eight most famous liquors in China.

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Privacy Policy



Linkwin respect and protect your privacy. Hence, transparency regarding the way we process the personal data we collect is a commitment for us. The information provided below intends to provide you all relevant information in relation to the collection and processing of information which may be collected through this website www.Linkwin.com (hereinafter, “the website”)


Please be sure to read this Privacy Policy carefully, and use the services of this website after confirming your full understanding and agreement. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it and how to protect it. By using this website, you agree to this Privacy Policy. If you or your guardian disagree with any content of this Privacy Policy, you should stop using it immediately.


Please note: When you use third-party products and services through this website, if you provide that third party with your personal information, your information will be applied by that third party's privacy policy.


Please note: Please ensure that the personal information you provide to us, and the personal information you authorize us to collect, process, use, store, share, transfer or publicly disclose within the scope of this Privacy Policy, will not violate the legitimate rights and interests of others.


This Privacy Policy will help you understand the following


1. How we collect and use your personal information

2. How we use cookies and similar technologies

3. How do we share, transfer, and publicly disclose your personal information

4. How we store your personal information

5. Your rights

6. How we handle personal information of minors

7. How your personal information is transferred globally

8. Revision of Privacy Policy

9. How to contact us


We are fully aware of the importance of personal information to you, and know that effective protection of your information is the cornerstone of the healthy and sustainable development of our business. Thank you for using and trusting this website! We are committed to maintaining your trust in us, abide by applicable laws and our commitments to you, and do our best to keep your personal information safe and used appropriately.


We solemnly promise: We will take corresponding security protection measures to protect your personal information in accordance with mature security standards in the industry.



1.     How we collect and use your personal information


1.1 To provide you with our products and services


In order to provide you with better and more personalized products and services, when you use our products and services, we will collect and use your personal information in the following ways:


1.1.1 Personal information you provide directly and we collect automatically


A.     Message board information.

When you use the services of this website, you can use the message board function. When you use this function, you need to provide us with the following information: name, phone number, company, message content, and we will automatically collect the above information from you. Of course, not using the message board function will not prevent you from navigating this website.


B.     Device and log information.

When you use the services of this website, our server will automatically record your log information, such as the search keyword information you enter and the links you click, the entries and editing records you browse and publish, the picture information you upload, Your IP address, browser type and language, hardware device information, operating system version, network operator information, the date, time, and duration of your access to the service, etc. In order to bring you a more convenient search service and continuously improve the products and services of this website, we may use mechanisms such as browser web storage (including HTML5) and application data cache to collect information on your device and store it locally.


1.1.2       Personal information we collect indirectly


In order to jointly provide you with products and services, or to improve the quality and personalization of products and services, or to consider the safety of products and services and other reasonable needs, we will comply with laws and regulations or based on your authorization. Receive your personal information and other information from affiliates, partners, and other trusted third-party suppliers, and use your personal information in accordance with your agreement with the third party or this Privacy Policy, if there is a conflict between the two, this Privacy Policy shall prevail.


1.2 Improve Linkwin products and services, conduct internal audits, data analysis and research


We use the information collected to provide and improve the products and services we offer, and to conduct necessary business operations, such as operating products or providing services, evaluating, maintaining, and improving the performance of products and services, and participating in market research about our products and services activities, developing new products and services, providing customer support, etc.


In order to improve our products and services, we may also conduct internal audits, statistics, and analysis of product usage. At the same time, Linkwin may share this statistical information with the public to show the overall usage trend of our services, but this statistical information will not contain any identifying information about you.


1.3 Anonymization of personal information


After collecting your personal information, we will de-identify or anonymize the data in a timely manner through technical means. On the premise of not divulging your personal information, Linkwin has the right to mine, analyze and utilize (including commercial usage) the anonymized user database.


1.4 Provide you with security


We may use your information for security precautions and fraud detection to prevent, detect, investigate fraud, endanger security, illegal or violate our agreements, policies, or rules to protect you, us or our affiliates, partners and the legitimate rights and interests of the public.


1.5 You authorize us to use your personal information during your use of the services of this website. If you request deletion, we will stop using and delete your personal information.


1.6 Exceptions to prior authorization consent


Please note: In the following cases, the collection and use of personal information does not require your prior authorization and consent.


1.6.1 Those directly related to national security and national defense security;

1.6.2 Directly related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

1.6.3 Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments;

1.6.4 In order to protect your or other personal life, property and other major legitimate rights and interests, but it is difficult to obtain my consent;

1.6.5 The collected personal information is disclosed to the public by you;

1.6.6 Collecting personal information from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legal news reports, government information disclosure and other channels;

1.6.7 Necessary to provide you with products or services at your request;

1.6.8 Necessary for maintaining the safe and stable operation of the products or services provided, such as finding and disposing of faults in the products or services;

1.6.9 Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.


1.7 When we want to use the information for other purposes not specified in this Privacy Policy, we will ask for your prior consent. When we want to use the information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, we will ask for your consent in advance.


2.     How we use cookies and similar technologies


2.1 Cookie


To ensure the proper functioning of the website, we store small data files called cookies on your computer or mobile device. Cookies usually contain identifiers, site names, and some numbers and characters. The main function of cookies is to facilitate your use of website products and services, and to help the website count the number of unique visitors. Using cookie technology, we can provide you with more thoughtful personalized services and allow you to set your specific service options.


Cookies are sent to your device when you use the products and services of this website. We allow cookies (or other anonymous identifiers) to be sent to you when you interact with the services we provide to our partners (such as advertising and/or promotional services, and features of services provided by this website that may be displayed on other websites). our server.


We will not use cookies for any purpose other than those described in this Privacy Policy. You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences. You can clear all cookies saved on your computer, and most web browsers have a cookie-blocking feature. However, if you do this, you need to personally change the user settings every time you visit our website, but you may not be able to log in or use the services or functions provided by this website that rely on cookies due to such changes.


2.2 Do Not Track


Many web browsers don’t have a Do Not Track feature that issues a Do Not Track request to a website. When a user makes a "Do not track" request, a browser with the "Do not track" function will add a “header” to the HTTP data transmission, which indicates to the server of the commercial website that the user does not want to be Tracking, so that sites complying with this rule do not track users' personal information for more targeted online advertising. Currently, no major Internet standards organization has established policies governing how websites should respond to such requests. However, if your browser has enabled Do Not Track feature, then this site will respect your choice.


3.     We will not share, transfer, or publicly disclose your personal information, except for prior authorization and consent when sharing, transferring, and publicly disclosing personal information


4.     How we store your personal information


4.1 Storage Time Limit

During your use of the services of this website, we will continue to save your personal information for you. If you request deletion of the above information, we will stop using and delete your personal information.


4.2 Storage Location


Your personal information is stored in the territory of the People's Republic of China. If some products or services involve cross-border, we need to transmit your personal information overseas. We will strictly follow the laws and regulations and ensure the security of your personal information.


5.     Your rights


In accordance with relevant Chinese laws, regulations, standards, and common practices in other countries and regions, we guarantee that you exercise the following rights over your personal information.


5.1 You may request us to delete personal information in the following circumstances


5.1.1 involving trade secrets

5.1.2 If we collect, use, share or transfer your personal information in violation of laws and regulations or our agreement with you, you have the right to ask us and third parties to delete your personal information

5.1.3 If we publicly disclose your personal information in violation of laws and regulations or our agreement with you, you have the right to ask us to immediately stop the public disclosure and issue a notice to require the relevant recipient to delete the corresponding information


When you delete information from our service, we may not delete the corresponding information from the backup system immediately, but will delete the information when the backup is updated.


5.2 In response to your above request


For security reasons, you may be required to provide a written request or otherwise identify yourself when you make the above request to us. We may ask you to verify your identity before processing your request. We will respond within thirty days.


For your reasonable requests, we do not charge fees in principle, but for repeated requests that exceed reasonable limits, we will charge a certain cost as appropriate. For those that are unnecessarily repetitive, require excessive technical means (e.g., need to develop new systems or fundamentally change existing practices), pose risks to the legitimate rights and interests of others, or are highly impractical (e.g., involve backing up information stored on tapes). requests, we may refuse them.


In the following cases, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, we will not be able to respond to your request for correction, deletion, or cancellation of information


l  Directly related to national security and national defense security;

l  Directly related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

l  Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments;

l  We have sufficient evidence to show that you have subjective malice or abuse of rights (such as your request will endanger public safety and the legitimate rights and interests of others, or your request exceeds the scope that can be covered by general technical means and commercial costs);

l  Responding to the personal information subject's request will cause serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of you or other individuals or organizations;

l  Involving commercial secrets.


6.     How we process personal information of minors


Linkwin attaches great importance to the protection of minors' information.


Our products, websites and services are intended for adults. Minors may not use the message board feature without the consent of their parents or guardians. For the collection of minors' personal information with parental consent, we will only use or publicly disclose this information when permitted by law, expressly consented by parents or guardians, or necessary to protect minors.


Although local laws and customs define minors differently, we consider anyone under the age of 18 as a minor. If we discover that we have collected personal information from minors without prior verifiable parental consent, we will try to delete the data as soon as possible.


If you are a minor under the age of 18, it is recommended that you ask your guardian to read this Privacy Policy carefully, and use our products or services or provide us with information with the consent of your guardian.


7.     How to transfer your personal information across borders


In principle, the personal information we collect and generate in China will be stored in China. If some products or services involve cross-border, we need to transmit your personal information overseas. We will strictly follow the laws and regulations and ensure the security of your personal information.


8.     Revision of Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy is subject to change.


We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your express consent. We will post any changes to this Privacy Policy on this page.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. When we make material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post the changes on this page and update the revision date at the top of the Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy regularly for updates.


9.     How to contact us


If you have any comments or suggestions on this website and this privacy policy, you can provide feedback via our website www.Linkwin.com or by sending email marketing@Linkwin.com


Thank you again for your trust and use of this website.



Issue DateMay 10th, 2022

Effective DateMay 10th, 2022

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